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It´s been exactly one month ago when we get back from our World trip. Our settling-in period was quite relaxed, we had to do some organisational stuff but on the whole everything went pretty well.


Two days after we arrived in Germany Mery already had some interviews in Zürich and started to work on the 1st June at a new company. I also started to work on the 1st June but for me it was possible to continue at my old working place. It´s somehow strange to get back to office after a one year leave, most of the things remain the same but couple of other things have changed. One of the most negative happening during my absence was the restructuring of the company, 900 people were kicked out of the company in Switzerland, it was a slap in the face for the colleagues who had to leave. One of the positive thing of my re-entry was definitely the reunion with some of my colleagues, it was a nice event. My company’s notebook was a little bit dusty and it took a couple of hours to get all the updates and programs running again. Still not all of the software are working but I am quite confident that our IT guys will work it out… ;-)


For the beginning we were looking for a place to stay in Winterthur and we are renting an apartment from an existing tenant for three month right in the city centre of Winterthur. Alex, that’s the name of our lessor, is going for a long time vacation (3 to 6 month) to travel around the World and he was looking for someone who could stay at his place during this period of time.


A lot of the people we met were asking us if the switch to get back to daily routine was difficult for us. Well, it definitely different compare to the time when we were always moving from one place to another place, but for us the switch doesn´t feel that hard. The situation for Mery is much more exiting, she started a new job, which means new surroundings, colleagues and responsibilities at her work. For me there is not much change, I am still working at the same company and slowly I started some new projects. I was very surprised how much I already forget during this one year trip… ;-)


For us it´s not getting boring, we are looking for a new place to stay and visit some empty apartment for rent. We still have to do some organisational stuff and moving our stuff from the storehouse to the new apartment will for sure take some time and effort. We will post some pictures of the new apartment to keep you updated as soon as we have our new place to stay.


Overall the World travel was an exciting period of time in our life. We both really enjoyed the trip and are very happy that we did realised it. Of course some organisational stuff were quite stressful, but it was absolutely worth for both of us. During this one year travel time we saw so many things, met new people and learnt about the different cultures of the countries we visited, it was an amazing time for both of us. Who knows, maybe one day when we get retired we are going to do a second World trip, cause it was just not possible to see all the things we wanted to see and this World has sooo much more to offer ;-)


In our next blog we will present some statistics about our World trip. If you are interested to see, just get back to our homepage and have a look ;-)




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My home for the last 348 days
My home for the last 348 days