From Mallacoota to Melbourne

The last trip in Australia

On our last trip we drove from Mallacoota to Lakes Entrance with a short stopover at Cape Conran. In Cape Conrad I saw an Echidnas, also known as Spiny Anteaters. It´s one of the very seldom egg-laying mammal species. In Lakes Entrance we stayed for one night and went walking along the town and the beach. We really felt that the temperature here in the South is cooler, during daytime it´s between 20-25°C but the wind from the sea is pretty cold. It seems that we don´t really get use to these weather conditions anymore, so we wear pullover and long trousers.


The next day we drove from Lakes Entrance to Phillip Island with a short stopover at Golden Beach. The Golden Beach is part of the 90 mile beach, a beautiful sandy beach which is more than 140km long. From Golden Beach we couldn´t see the beginning and the end of it, it´s really long. When we were there we only saw an angler, far and wide nobody else. In Phillip Island we stayed for one night to see the penguins. The penguins here are the smallest in the world, they are also named Little Blue Penguins. From early morning until evening they hunt for food in the sea and come back to their nesting site every day during the breeding season to feed their babies. There are thousands of them around this island. This natural spectacle can be seen on the West side of Phillip Island at the Phillip Island Nature Park, they call it here the “Penguin Parade”. It was really fascinating to watch, the penguins are so cute and really lovely to observe. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take any pictures, any kind of lights may stress them. Besides watching the penguins, Phillip Island has much more to offer. On the island you can do nice hiking, watching bird’s colonies, Fur Seal colony, etc. The people here told us that currently there were between 15000 to 30000 Fur Seals here, it´s also breeding season for them. We also wanted to see this natural spectacle and booked a tour. The sight of the huge colony was incredible, it was just awesome.


After the tour to see the seals we drove directly to Melbourne. In Melbourne we booked our stay through Airbnb and spent 3 nights there. Actually we didn´t do that much in Melbourne, just some sightseeing in the city, had some nice food at Chinatown and one day we went to the Esplanade at St.Kilda. We also had to deliver our rental car back which we drove for 4 weeks across Australia and travelled for more than 5500km. We saw a bit of the northern part and saw the coastal side of East and party South Australia. We enjoyed Australia very much and we like this country. The nature and wildlife is really fascinating and diversified. We also enjoyed the time when we met Denise & Oli, Peter and Hendrawan, especially to Peter many thanks for the great private guided city tour through Brisbane. It was a wonderful and lovely time in Australia and we will for sure come back to discover more of this country. Now we have to continue our world tour towards East to New Zealand, to be exact to Christchurch. We will as usual report you about our journey.