From Coffs Harbour via Sydney to Mallacoota

A reunion in Sydney

From Coffs Harbour we had to hurry up to continue our journey to the South. We realised that we still had to drive some few KM until Melbourne and the time was running against us. Well, that’s the risk if you just live for the day without making any exact schedule…but it´s also nice to just take a break from everyday life. We drove directly to Newcastle without visiting any sights. In Newcastle we stayed only for one night and did some paperwork and did our laundry. Sometimes we also have to do some housework ;-)


The next day, it was before lunch, we arrived finally in Sydney and stayed at a retired couple which we booked through Airbnb. We had some nice chat with them, they are both very nice and friendly. But unfortunately we didn´t have enough time to talk more because we wanted to explore Sydney. We left our rental car at our stay and used the public transportation to get to the city, it was more relaxed for us. In the city we visited the Manly Fast Ferry, The Rock, the Harbour Bridge and of course the Sydney Opera. In the evening, it´s been a while, I went to the cinema, it was really enjoyable. The next day we met Hendrawan, he is an old school friend from Indonesia. He live here in Sydney for almost 20 years and we haven´t seen each other for more than 20 years, that’s quite a long time. Hendrawan is the older brother of Halim (Min Cai), a very good friend of mine who we visited in Jakarta when we were in Indonesia. It was a lovely reunion and we had so much to talk. Mery went with him to Chinatown and I stayed at a café to update our homepage, I honestly have to step on the gas with my blog…


The three days in Sydney passed quickly, in general the city is pretty nice, it has good public transportation, and it´s clean and has a lovely flair for a big city.


After we left Sydney behind us we drove partly along the coast and made a short stop at Meroo National Park at Dolphin Point to hope to see the dolphins…but unfortunately we didn´t had that much luck. We also made a stopover in Murramarang National Park at the Pebbly Beach where we had a short walk at the beach and we saw plenty of kangaroos. Mery really enjoyed to pet them, they are not shy at all. We stayed for one night in Narooma. On the same day when we arrived there we went to the bay and saw some pelicans and seals.


The next morning we drove to Mallacoota and made a stopover at Central Tilba and Eden. Central Tilba is an old town where the old wooden houses look the same like more than 100 years ago. They have some great shops and the houses are really in a good shape, they are beautiful. In Eden we had our lunch, we bought fish & chips to take it away and sat down at the Rotary lookout. At this lookout you can see whales if you have luck…but unfortunately we didn´t see any of them. When we arrived in Mallacoota we stayed at a caravan park, there were plenty of kangaroos at the backyard of the park, really lovely to see. At the bay where anglers bring their boats to the sea, there were a lot of pelicans waiting for the angler who come back from their daily fishing trip. The angler clean their fishes they caught and give the pelicans the fish head and the entrails…the pelicans were quite exited.