From Townsville to Gladstone


From Townsville we continued our journey and made a short stopover at Airlie Beach. This little town is quite popular for younger tourists, the cost for food and accommodation are cheaper than most of the other coast places and there are some bars over here. We didn´t stay here, instead we continued driving and stayed in Mackay, also a nice little town situated at the Pioneers river mouth. At this travel stage we didn´t do that much of stopover or sightseeing. In Rockhampton we made a short stopover for lunch, people say that this place is famous for their steaks. Well, we did try the steaks and it was good, but actually nothing special about it. That day the weather was so hot, the thermometer showed around 36°C. We didn´t really went for walking or hiking.


In Gladstone we stayed for a couple of days because the motel was nice, it was not too expensive and is located very close to the beach. During our stay the moon was very close to the earth and luckily during the night the sky was not cloudy at all and we could have a look at the moon. And yes, the moon was very bright and it seems also to be bigger than usual. We also went to the little zoo which is located at the botanical garden. It was a nice little zoo, we had a nice walk there and it was free of charge as well.