Magnetic Island

Nice day trip

From Townsville we made a one day trip to the Magnetic Island. The ferry ride took only round about 20 Minutes. When we arrived on the island, we took the public bus to get to the northern part of this island. We visited a small animal park which is called Bungalow Bay Koala Village. This park offers the possibility to be very close to some animals. They only keep animals from Australia in the park. Mery took the chance to hold a Koala. The Koalas are very protected by the government. It´s only allowed for humans to hold the Koalas for max.30 Minutes per day for e.g. photo sessions. Most of the time the Koalas are sleeping, approximately 20 hours per day, they are not really active during the day. But they are really cute, it´s funny to watch them when they are awake.


After we visited the park we went to the Horse Shoe Bay to take a rest. The weather during that day was very hot, so it´s quite comfortable to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze on the beach. After our break we went for a short hike. We went to the trail called “The Forts” and we saw a Koala in the wilderness, it was a fantastic moment. It´s not easy to find the Koalas in the wilderness because most of the time they are sleeping and therefore not making any noise or movements. Our day trip was really nice, we enjoyed that day on the Magnetic Island.