Yogyakarta (Borobudur and Prambanan temple)

Hindu and Buddhist culture in Indonesia

After our short stopover in Singapore we flew back to Indonesia to get again our 30 days staying permit. We flew directly from Singapore to Yogyakarta, here we visited the Borobudur and Prambanan temple as well as to meet a cousin of Mery and an old school friend of us. Originally we wanted to stay 3 nights in Yogyakarta but because of the Visa issue we “lost” 1 night in Singapore and stayed only 2 nights here.


The Borobudur temple was built in the 8th century by Buddhist, the Prambanan temple was also founded by Buddhist but later on taken over by the Hindu. The temples are nice to see, very graceful and magnificent and the plants at the park lovely green. It´s worth to visit those places, but be aware of the heat during daytime.


Our old school friend Juita took a day off and joined us with her daughter the whole day long. It was a lovely day until the evening, we had a lot of fun and talked so much about the good old times. We also met a cousin of Mery, they haven´t seen each other for more than 20 years. The dinner with them was really nice, it was in a traditional restaurant, they serve local Yogyakarta food.


After our short stay in Yogyakarta we continue our journey to Sorong at the Papua Island. Unfortunately there is no direct fly from Yogyakarta, we will make a stopover in Makassar at the Sulawesi Island. On the following day we will continue our journey to Sorong.