Phitsalunok and Sukhothai

Meeting an old friend

After our stay in Bangkok we continued our trip to the north, this time to the city Phitsanulok. There we met Nudeng, an old friend of Mery. Around 14 years ago when Mery did her apprenticeship, she worked during the weekends as a waiter in an Indonesian - Thai restaurant in Iserlohn. Nudeng was the chef of that restaurant and they know each other already for a very long time. About 3 years ago Nudeng decided to move back to Thailand. We took the chance to meet her and it was really a lovely reunion. We went with her to a local temple and had together a vegetarian lunch there. The kitchen is huge, they cook XXXL dishes and the variety is a lot. Theoretically it´s also free of charge, but you can give a donation to the temple, you can decide about the high of the donation. After the visit we went to Nudengs house, her husband has a motorbike garage and has plenty of work to do. So we stayed the rest of the day with her, the ladies had a lot to talk, about the good old times and of course about food.


The next day we made a trip with a local bus to Sukhothai, it took us only 1h drive. The ruins of Sukhothai is under the UNESCO world heritage, the park area is really nice and you can spend the whole day there. Unfortunately the weather was not nice, it was raining gently the whole day. But nevertheless we hired bicycles and cycled through the park area with our umbrellas. It was a relaxed day, only little amount of tourists there and the area is free of cars.


The next day Mery and I will again go separate ways. Mery is going to stay another day in Phitsanulok with Nudeng and then going back to Bangkok. I will continue my journey further to the north, to Chiang Mai. Mery was already in Chiang Mai with her mother, that’s why she doesn´t want to go again. I would like to meet my cousin, she lives in Pai which is close to Chiang Mai. Mery and I will meet again on Saturday in Singapore.