The following days in Vladivostok

Still fog and drizzling rain...

...therefore we didn´t do that much outdoor activities. The wind is pretty strong and cold, the temperature is around 15°C in the daytime.


We visited some museums, had a look into a submarine and visited the local market at the revolution square. Mery met 2 further local people though Couchsurfing. With Juliana Mery had a private historical city guide tour which was really nice. It is interesting how big the cultural influence from China, Korea and Japan has to this city. Also German architecture can be found here. In the past and still nowadays you can see that this city is strong in trading and seafaring.


Culinary we visited a North Korean restaurant (Pyongyang) which was founded by North Korean refugee women. The food was delicious, some pictures are stored under Merys food corner.


I visited the local Vladivostok oceanarium, but it was somehow disappointing…


At our hotel we met Peter from Brisbane, Australia. He is already retired and had holiday in Russia and Mongolia for 4 weeks. He loves to travel and visited already so many places around the world. We had some nice talking and shared our experience in Russia. He is very kind and smart, he offers us to stay at his place in Brisbane when we come to Australia. We are looking forward to meet him again, let’s see if it works out.    


Tomorrow we already continue our journey to Seoul in South Korea, so our trip through Russia will end.  


What we finally can say about Russia is that it´s worth to visit, just bring enough time with you ;-)


We met so many nice Russian people and hopefully in future we will have the chance to come again, hopefully with some words Russian :-)