Island Weh, Indonesia

This time we spent our annual holiday again in Indonesia. It has been already 3 years ago when we went back to Indonesia the last time. We visited our families and friends and we also spent one week together to relax. We decided to go to the very North-West point of Indonesia, to the island Weh on the very north point of Sumatra.   



From Medan we flew to Banda Aceh and there we took a ferry to the island Weh. The island was created by volcanic activities and is very green, everywhere forest. The island is very tropical, temperatures from 30 to 33°C is normal and the humidity is more than 90%. The island Weh is famous for its underwater World. We rented a small hut directly at the coast. The house reef is really nice, we went very often snorkelling and also diving. The underwater World is full of fishes and has also some nice coral gardens. Some of the coral gardens were destroyed during the Tsunami in 2004, but luckily most of them has recovered. Unfortunately we had bad luck with the visibility under water, there were many particles and plankton so that the pictures were not really clear. As often when you travel through Indonesia are the plastic trashes above and under the water…that is the only negative thing that upset us. But overall we had a good time. We hope you enjoy watching some of the pictures and for the first time I tried to create a video movie. Well, there is still space for me to improve creating the movies ;-)