Some statistics of our world travel…

As already announced, we have sort out some data of our trip and created some statistics.


The covered distance has been determined using ““, ““, our travel documents and of course reading the km counter of the rent cars. Distances we made by walking is not considered in the statistic.


We decided not to publish statistic about costs in our homepage, but if you are curious and would like to know, please don´t hesitate to contact us…thank you for your understanding ;-)


Now some statistic about our trip:


1. Total visited countries:

  • Politically: 19 countries (Stamps in our passport)
  • Geographically: 22 countries (3 countries without stamps in our passport due to cruise trip)

2. Total travel time:

348 days


3. Total travelled distances:


4. Accomodation type and % ratio:


5. Pictures taken with my bridge camera (Not including pictures taken with smartphones):

20278 pictures