A city surrounded by nice bays, mountains and forest

From Seattle we drove with a bus over the weekend to Vancouver, the drive took around 4 hrs and was quite comfortable. At the border everything went quite well, no long queues. We had even one full day of sunshine with blue skies in “Raincouver”. In Vancouver we visited an old school friend from Indonesia, we haven´t seen each other for almost 20 years, it was a nice meeting and it wasn´t easy for all of us to talk about the last 20 years of our life within a very short time. We also met my cousin, I haven´t seen her for more than 10 years, the last time we met was in Singapore before they moved to Vancouver Island. We spent half a day staying together, went to very delicious Asian restaurants and had so much to talk about. Because we didn´t had so much time in Vancouver, they luckily came over to Vancouver city all the way from Vancouver Island. They took the stresses and strains to come over with the ferry for some hours, we are very thankful that they did that for us. It was really a lovely gathering, we enjoyed the time being with them together. In Vancouver we walked in the city around and enjoyed some nice Asian food, there are so many Asian people living here. We also went up to the “Vancouver Lookout”, a building with a 360° viewpoint where you can see all over Vancouver and the surroundings area with the beautiful mountains on the background. On Sunday morning we already had to leave Vancouver and took a bus back to Seattle.


Mery and I will have different travel route for a short time from Seattle. I will fly to Minneapolis to visit my cousin and from there heading to the East coast. Mery will fly to Havana, Cuba to visit a salsa festival where she will meet her friends from Switzerland and Germany. We will meet again in New York.


We will keep you as usual updated about almost the end of our journey ;-)