Roadtrip from San Francisco to Seattle

Beautiful coastal and coniferous forest landscapes

North from San Francisco we visited the giant Redwood trees and drove through the Avenue of the Giant and made a stopover at the Redwood National Park. Unfortunately it was raining all the time when we were there, so we didn´t make long hikes, but instead some short walking. North of the giant Redwood trees we drove most of the time along the Pacific coast where we saw plenty of nice empty beaches and beautiful cliff landscapes. On our following trip to the north the weather didn´t change that much, it was still raining and the wind was quite strong as well. Therefore we didn´t do that much activities as it was planned, especially for hiking. Instead we did already some organisational stuff like looking for an apartment and Mery was checking for some jobs on the internet. This part of the journey was actually nice to drive, very little traffic and beautiful coastal landscapes and coniferous landscapes. We pass some nice little villages, absolutely charming places.


When we arrived in Seattle we stayed at my cousin’s house in a nice area called Bellevue. She offered us to stay at their home, we were of course very happy and thankful about it. It was a very nice gathering, the last time we met was around 7 years ago at our grandmother’s home in Indonesia. We visited in Seattle the local Public Market Center and tried the local Chowder soup, a creamy seafood soup which taste really nice, we like it. We also visited the Space Needle, but instead going up to the top we just visited the park area and had a nice walk around. From there we walked the whole way along the 5th avenue to the south. In the city downtown we also met Michal, a nice guy who I met during my visit in Thailand. In Seattle I also visited the airplane manufacturing company Boeing. I visited the assembly building where you can see how they assemble the airplane models 747, 767, 777 and 787, the whole tour took about 90 minutes. The assembly building is really big, it´s the largest building of the World measured by the building volumes, it was quite impressive to see…unfortunately it was not allowed to take any pictures.


From Seattle we made a short weekend trip to Vancouver, Canada. But more about it on our next blog.