Roadtrip from Las Vegas to San Francisco

From Las Vegas to San Francisco

On our way to San Francisco we made a short stopover at Mery´s friend house and my cousin’s house to say goodbye. We continued to drive on the same day until Oxnard. We drove along Santa Monica and Malibu beach, there were plenty of beautiful houses along the beach. We stayed in Oxnard at an Airbnb place for only one night before we continued our trip. From Oxnard we couldn´t follow the highway no.1 along the coast to Monterey Bay because some section were closed due to landslides. We had to take the highway 101 to get to Monterey Bay and stayed there for one night. For me this place is interesting because they have a nice aquarium, if you would like to read more about it, please visit the section Dennis animal corner.


In San Francisco we stayed in Berkeley for only two nights. We had somehow luck that we went away on time because a couple of days later there was a riot on the streets of Berkeley. Because I already visited San Francisco I didn´t take so much pictures and instead I relaxed a bit during our stay there. The first two days in San Francisco the weather was bad, it was raining almost the whole day. On the third day the weather was nice, blue sky and sunshine. Mery took one of the “Hop on bus” and could visit some of the sights like the Chinatown, pier 39, Union Square in downtown San Francisco and she walked a little part of the Golden Gate Bridge.