San Diego

Our starting point for the Pacific coast road trip

The flight from Miami to San Diego was not really short, it took us 5 hours to get to San Diego, and we arrived around midnight. Again we took a rental car to be mobile and flexible, that´s the easiest way here in the States. We choose the South-West coast of the States because it´s warm here and we would like to drive slowly along the Pacific coast until Seattle with a short detour to Las Vegas and the Canyons. Furthermore we would like to visit a friend of Mery and my cousin who both live in Los Angeles. We stayed in San Diego only for two nights and visited the area La Jolla Cove, a very nice coastal place. We walked along the coast, here you can see seals and sea lions. Mery visited a nice shop for dancing accessories, she needed for her Salsa dancing a new shoes. Culinary we went to a Vietnamese restaurant, their Pho – Soup was really nice. On the third day we already left San Diego in the morning, directly to South Los Angeles to my cousin’s home. We will keep you updated in the following blog ;-)