Singapore, always worth to visit

Before I start to write about Singapore, I would like to say sorry for my very late update, we met soooo many relatives and friends and the time was not enough to update our blog. Furthermore I was for almost 1 week in the jungle…and the internet in Indonesia is not always fast and reliable…but let me first tell you some words about Singapore…


In Singapore we took a hotel at the East Coast area, there are plenty of restaurants, snack bars and food courts. Furthermore I went almost every morning jogging at the beach, it was really nice but also very hot and humid. We also hired a tandem bicycle and cycled along the beach, it was quite relaxed, almost no people during the weekday in the morning.


Singapore is not a very big city but it´s very modern and clean, a metropolitan pearl in South East Asia. For us Singapore is really lovely, I like to spend my time here to meet my family members and Mery of course loves to enjoy the culinary kitchen Singapore offers and the shopping malls. Those who loves to go out for shopping will definitely enjoy staying here. You can walk through so many air conditioned shopping malls, most of them are connected together, so you don´t even need to go out of the building…but sometimes quite a challenge to find the right tunnels or connections ;-) Most of the shopping malls have their own food court, they offer so many different Asian food which for us are all really delicious and for European standard quite cheap. The public transportation is really very good, with the MRT and the busses you can get to almost everywhere in Singapore for little money.


We also made a trip to the Sentosa Island, there you can find amongst others the Warner Brother theme park, Casino, Golf places, beaches, the S.E.A.Aquarium and much more. A must for plant lovers is the relatively new Gardens by the Bay. It´s a huge park area with 2 air conditioned indoor hall where amongst other you can see so many different colourful orchids in all variants, enjoy the flower pictures at Dennis animal corner. Also nice to see is the China Town and Little India.


But the best part of Singapore for me is just to hang out with my uncle and aunties as well as with my cousins. It was a great time to be there to meet them again, hope to see them again in future.