Kunshan and Zhouzhuang

Family gathering and historical place

Our Flight from the Okinawa Island to Shanghai started with a delay, probably due to the weather conditions, other flights to Okinawa had also delay. In total it was more than 3hrs.of delay. In Shanghai airport we arrived in the evening time, there we were lovely welcomed by my godmother and godfather, they picked us up at the airport and we drove to their home in Kunshan, around 120km from Shanghai Pudong airport, what a nice service :-) The last time we met together was already 4 years ago in Indonesia.


The next day, after a rich breakfast with the family, we made an excursion to a historical water town called Zhouzhuang. It reminds me a bit of Venice, but just more Chinese ;-) In Zhouzhuang you can see pretty old ornamentation on their houses, old stone bridges and water channels. It´s a lovely place to see. Of course everything is made for tourists, especially for Chinese tourists. It looks like the locals also love this place and like to come here. At many restaurants you will find grilled pig´s trotter in a thick marinated sauce, a delicacy from this area…but actually we didn´t try it…


The weather here is also hot and humid, the view hazy but luckily no rain. In Kunshan we stay only for 2 nights, today we are going to Shanghai city and stay there for the next few days. It was a wonderful time with the family and we are very thankful for the very lovely homestay. We probably will meet again next year, but then it will be in the States.