Underwater World Hurghada 2019

Again diving in Hurghada for one week

21st March 2019


It was quite a short notice when I decided to fly to Hurghada for a couple of days to go for diving. Through the internet I booked a simple affordable “All-Inclusive” hotel for a week. Couple of weeks ago I bought an underwater housing for my camera and I wanted to test it before we fly to Indonesia for our next diving trip. For me it was obvious to fly to Egypt for diving to take some colourful underwater pictures. It´s good value for money for flight, accommodations and diving in Hurghada and also the distance from home with a flight duration of 4 hours is quite comfortable. In total I went 8 times diving. Towards the end I had some issue with my ears, it was difficult to do the pressure balance. On my last diving day I went with the boat out to the reef but didn´t go for a dive but instead for snorkelling.


The underwater World around Hurghada this time was not really spectacular, the biggest fish that I spotted was a Napoleon fish. Otherwise I saw blue spotted stingrays, morays, scorpion fishes, lion fishes, puffer fishes, sand lances, mackerels, barracudas, angel fishes, different shoal fishes and plenty of little coral fishes. Compare to last year I had the feeling that the amount of fishes is less but that is only subjective, not sure if that’s the reality, maybe the fishes were hiding from me. But I was quite surprised to find a huge amount of colourful hard corals, really beautiful and various.


With my new underwater camera housing I had some difficulties to handle it. It´s really not easy at all to make the setting under the water, I guess I will still need some more practice until I can take some good pictures of the corals and fishes. An underwater light would also be helpful as well because some areas underwater can be quite dark, probably that’s going to be my next purchase. I was also quite annoyed about myself because I found out that I can hardly recognize anything when I have an object close to my eyes, especially when I use contact lenses…somehow I am not getting younger…