Flora and Fauna South Korea

Eulsukdo island, Busan

19th June 2016

Few of flora and fauna where I could took some pictures at the island.


Sea Life Aquarium, Busan

18th June 2016

Well, I couldn´t withstand to visit the local oceanarium in Busan. The appreance is pretty nice, they have different location for pupils to learn about the animals and to set sustainability for our oceans.

Furthermore they have a quarantine and hospital for the animals which are catched accidentally by the fishermen (e.g. see turtles, dolphines, etc.) to bring them back to the ocean.

What I missed were the corals. There were only few anemones, else only plastic corals...a bit poor...

What is positive is the fact that they do not keep mammals like Beluga, dolphins or seals. But they keep pinguines and sea otter.

The main tank is pretty impressive, it´s huge, but more in the width than in the height.


Lotteworld Aquarium

14th June 2016

Seoul offers 2 big oceanarium as long as I can see it in Google. I decided to go to the Lotteworld Aquarium.

On my way to that place I was very surprised that the oceanarium is inside a shopping mall, it is spreaded into 2 floors at the basement. This is really a defferent dimension compare to what I know before, really huge.

The admission price is relatively expensive, but it´s worth to see. 

At the entrance you are welcomed by a fog wall where they project an underwater movie, pretty cool. The tanks are in a very good condition, the fishes and animals look healthy. On the corals side I am a bit disappointed, not much of variety of SPS available. Most fish tanks are decorated with plastic corals...

Explanations are also written in English, school kids are having school lessons and you can learn a lot about the underwater world. There is also a small station where they do breeding.

The main tank is huge and I don´t have the feeling that it is overcrowded.

Unfortunately they keep mammals like Beluga whale and seals. The tank of the seals is quite impressive, you can use the escalator to drive through the tank...something I do not really experince every day...