Flora and fauna Russia

Vladivostok Oceanarium

11th June 2016

Trip to the local oceanarium in Vladivostok. Unfortunately a bit disappointing...

The aquariums are not really in a good condition, the salt water ones have lots of aiptasia and valonia.

What impressed me was the sweetwater tank with the sturgeon, they were huge, round about 2.5m long.

From the local people I heard that there is already a new oceanarium in the Russki island which should replace this old one. It´s already finished in the construction but yet not opened for the public...some internal political reasons...

Baikal museum and surroundings

5th June 2016

Trip to the Baikal museum. Amongst others endemic animals and plants are shown in this museum. 2 seals are also kept in the museum. This species are the only sweet water seals which lives on our earth. Unfortunately we didn´t had the chance to see them in the wild

Moskvarium, Moscow

31st May 2016

Visit one of the biggest aquarium in Europe. Lots of diversity of fresh and salt water animals. For the salt water part, only few SPS available, seems like they don´t keep sensitive corals. Unfortunately they keep dolphins and beluga whale inside the exihibition, thats not really my taste...

But altogether it´s a nice aqauarium and well arrange.

I already miss my hobby...