Flora And Fauna Indonesia


27th October 2016

Some pictures in Bali about the flora and fauna. The underwater pictures were taken from our dive guide Suhendra.



20th October 2016

Flores offers a lot for animal lovers, plenty of land animals, birds and of course the magnificent underwater world. Flores is of course famous for the Komodo dragons which can be found in four island, but only two islands are open for the public. The Komodo dragons look a bit like a lost dinosaur from a bygone era. They seem to be very lazy but they can run as well quite fast. Their spittle consists of more than one hundred bacteria, very poisonous. They eat wild boars, deer and water buffalo.


Flores underwater

20th October 2016

The underwater world of Flores is rich in diversity, the amount of Plankton is huge.

Kei Kecil

09th October 2016

Here in this area we saw so many different birds and colourful crabs. Unfortunately we couldn´t go scuba diving or snorkelling as nobody rent this equipment, I think they are just at the very beginning point to become a tourist place. But the underwater world seems also to be nice, at least what we could see from our boat.  


Raja Ampat

03rd October 2016

Some other animals we saw at Raja Ampat.

...not so easy to take pictures of birds in the wild...

Raja Ampat underwater world

03rd October 2016

The magnificant underwater world at Raja Ampat. Thanks to Martin and Remi for providing me some of their pictures.


22nd September 2016

Area around Borobudur and Prambanan temple

Bukit Lawang

04th September 2016

For nature lovers ;-)

Not always easy to take a nice picture of the animals