New York

New York City – A very lively city

This is now definitely our last destination of our World trip. Meanwhile we are already back in Germany but we would like to give you some impressions about New York City and show you some of the pictures we took.


From Philadelphia I took a bus to New York City, the ride was quite comfortable and was only 2.5 hrs. Mery arrived 2 days earlier from Havana to New York and stayed at her friends place in Gravesend in Long Island for 2 nights. When I arrived in New York and checked-in at the hostel, I took the subway to visit Mery in Gravesend, her friend’s family invited us for a traditional Chinese steamboat dinner at their home. The steamboat meal consists of a big boiling soup bowl where you put different ingredients like vegetables, meat balls, fish balls, shrimps, noodles, etc. into it and then you take it out after a certain time. You sit comfortably around the bowl and eat slowly the different ingredients which you put inside it and have a nice talk with all the people, it´s like having a fondue.


Because Mery was already in New York before and saw most of the sights, I visited the different places on my own and Mery took the chance to visit her friends and spent the time with them. I visited in New York the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Grand Central Terminal, Time Square, Broadway, Central Park, Columbus Circle, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall street, Trinity Church, 9/11 Memorial, One World observatory, Flatiron, Rockefeller Centre, St. Patrick´s Cathedral, etc. There are so many point of interests in New York; when you walk around the city, you will always see new sights. It´s somehow funny when you walk around the city and the buildings or places looks familiar to you due to movies and TVs, then you start to think in which movie did they film this place. Unfortunately we didn´t have enough time to see the places outside of Manhattan, you can spend at least 2 weeks to visit New York City with the different suburbs and surroundings. Beside the 9/11 memorial there is the highest building of New York City, it´s called One World. I visited the observation deck from where you can have a great outlook over New York, the view is really unique, so many skyscrapers in one place, really fantastic.


The slogan “The city that never sleeps” is definitely a slogan that fits to Manhattan, permanent siren noise from the fire department, ambulance or police, day and night. People are on the move and the subway is very crowded during rush hour. For me this city is too busy and crowded, but Mery likes this place, especially the culinary offer they have ;-)


From New York we flew via Manchester to Düsseldorf, back to Germany. Our World trip is definitely over now, it´s time to get back to our day to day life and to settle down. We have to do some paper work and get back to work again. We will do some facts and figures about our trip and present it on our next blog. It will take a while, please be patient ;-)