The native city of the United States of America

The bus ride from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia was comfortable, the travelling time was about four hours and I arrived as scheduled. I stayed in Philadelphia at my cousin´s place for five nights, my aunty and uncle were here as well and enjoyed their stay with their grandchildren. The weather during the first three days of my arrival was pleasant warm but then it started to rain and gets cooler.


During my stay in Philly I visited the Independence National Historical Park. In the park area you can visit amongst others the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Inside the Independence hall the declaration of independence was signed in 1776 and in 1787 the constitution of the United States of America. The Liberty Bell was pulled when the declaration of independence was red out to the public. Over the years the Liberty Bell became a symbol which stands for liberty and democracy. This historical place is the native city of the USA and for most Americans a very important place. During my visit there were a lot of school children having an excursion, probably school children from all over the country visit this historical place. The rooms and halls as well as the furniture’s are all original, also some of the declaration of independence papers can be seen here, they are original copies from that time.


In Philly I also went walking in the downtown area, visited the Chinatown and went jogging at the Schuykill River. But most of the time I spent my time at home with the family and had an unstressed stay and enjoyed some delicious Asian food.


This city has its own charm, it´s not as hectic as most of the other big cities and most of the buildings are still original, some are older than one hundred years old. I enjoyed my stay here in Philly, but unfortunately I have to continue my journey to New York City where I am going to meet Mery. We will as usual keep you updated about our last destination of our journey before we are heading towards homeland.