A reunion after 24 years

From the rainy Seattle I flew to the icy Minneapolis. Out of the airport in Minneapolis the rain was again welcoming me and on the second day even some snowflakes, the temperature drops to 2°C…not really the kind of weather what you would expected around end of April.


My cousin picked me up at the airport and everything went well. Our reunion was a very nice one, the last time when we met was in 1993, unbelievable 24 years ago. When I was a child I liked to hang out with him at his house because he is 4 years older than me and had plenty of cool toys. We had a lot to talk about the old times and our family, it was really good for both of us to have these conversations and we are happy that we finally could meet each other. I stayed for 2 nights at his home and met his wife and his son, both very lovely people. We also had a video call to Indonesia to talk to his mother and brother who I visited last year in Siantar. In Minneapolis I didn´t have too much activities, the weather was bad and I stayed most of the time at home to do some organisational stuff and just enjoyed the conversations with my cousin. Close to his house there are two bold eagle nests, I could even took some pictures of these majestic birds, the sight was really fantastic.


For me it was already time to continue my journey, I am heading to Washington D.C. and will stay there for a couple of days. Meanwhile Mery arrived safely in Havana and enjoys the warm sunny weather and her salsa dancing. We will as usual keep you updated.