Las Vegas

Vegas – A playground for adults

Before we drove to Vegas, we met my cousin in an Indonesian food court to have lunch together. The drive from L.A. to Vegas took us round about 4 hours, luckily there were no traffic jam in our direction. To the other direction there was a huge traffic along our journey, so many cars wanted to drive to L.A., probably because it was on a Sunday and I think in some States the spring break holiday was over.


We stayed in Vegas for totally 5 nights and didn´t had so much activities. We walked a few times along the Las Vegas Boulevard, saw some nice Casinos and Hotels, they have nice decorations and themes like Italian style, New York, French, pirates, etc. For the first time in our life we tried our luck and spent a few $ at the pokies or slot machines…but unfortunately no luck…


We also went to see the company ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing), on the TV the show is called “Tanked”. I was curious to see the company and the product portfolio of what they offer. If you like to read more about this topic, please visit the site Dennis animal corner.


We also went to downtown at the “Fremont Street Experience”, a nice pedestrian zone where you can see millions of LED covering the roofing and they are performing light shows in the evening with music every 30 minutes, it´s really unique. There are also some stages where some bands are playing live music in the evening, also nice to see.


In Vegas there is also a place where you can sit on three different roller coaster on top of a tower in 350m height, the building is called Stratosphere. The tower has also a restaurant and a bar, you have a great view over Vegas and the surrounding area. I went there to 2 of the 3 roller coasters, Big Shot and X-Scream. In Big shot you will be catapulted to the highest point of the building and then feel a sudden free fall for some seconds. In X-Scream you sit on a vehicle where they accelerate it out of the towers edge and stop it suddenly. Both funny exciting experience in 350m height, what a fun :-) Unfortunately due to safety reason I was not allowed to take pictures or using a GoPro during the rides, but you can check on the internet about Stratosphere Las Vegas, for sure you will see some pictures.


Culinary we tested some new restaurants here, besides Thai and Vietnamese food we went to some American restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Popeye’s, Denny´s, In-N-Out Burger, etc.


Vegas is definitely a crazy place, it´s America’s playground for the adult people. I guess most people who come here like to gamble, but Vegas offers also some great entertainment program and shows, also you can go shopping and people like to marry here. You always see some bridal couple taking some pictures at the Las Vegas Boulevard. It was definitely a flashy stay here in Vegas.


From Vegas we will make a round trip to the Canyons and get back here again, but more about it in our next blog. Have fun with the colourful pictures of Vegas.