Orlando and Miami

Orlando - Plenty of theme parks

When we flew from Nassau to Miami, it was already evening when we arrived. The flight with Bahamas Air was good and it was a short one, less than 40 minutes with an old Boeing 737. The entry to the States was without any complication, we didn´t have any problems with the ESTA online application and the formalities was already done in Nassau at the airport by the US authorities. When we arrived in Miami we just needed to pick up our luggage, that’s it. At the airport we picked up a rental car which we booked before, that´s the easiest way here in the States to be mobile. We got a quite new Toyota Yaris Sport, a small chic car. We stayed in Miami only for one night and booked through Airbnb. We also organised on the day we arrived a prepaid phone sim card to have internet. The next day after we left the Airbnb stay we drove through Miami Beach and went to an Asian restaurant for lunch. After that we drove for more than 3 hours to Orlando and stayed there for 3 nights. We decided to visit 2 out of the 4 Disney parks and went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studio. There are also 2 parks from Warner Brother, but we skipped them here and decided to visit the Warner Brother Park in Los Angeles.


Those who likes theme parks and would like to see the world of Disney, should come here and stay a couple of days. The area here it´s incredibly huge and the selection is more than enough, you need at least one day for one theme park, but be aware that it´s not cheap as well. The Americans are really good in doing entertainment, everything seems to be cool, funny and easy. Currently it´s school holiday in the States, it´s spring break and therefore you see plenty of families with their children around. At some roller coasters the waiting time can be up to 2 hours, it was really full when we were there. The range of attractions is really big and the quality is good. We enjoyed our time at the Disney theme parks and for a short time we felt like 30 years younger ;-)


On our fourth day we had to drive back again to Miami because be booked a cruise trip last minute, but later more about this part of our journey. On the way back to Miami I wanted to visit the NASA Kennedy Space Centre. I spent almost the whole day there and I could even stay longer. The exhibition and the way they present it is really impressive, I really enjoyed to be there and those of you who love everything about space should visit this place once in your lifetime. I think the pictures tell you more about what I am writing here.


We arrived in Miami in the evening and booked again a place to stay through Airbnb before we are going to a cruise ship on the following morning for one week. We will keep you as usual updated about our trip with a cruise ship.