Kilometre long white beaches and bad weather

In Vinales we decided to spend a couple of days at the beach. The most visited beach area in Cuba for tourists is in Varadero, we were curious to see that place and went there. We took a collective taxi again, this time it was a small old-timer bus, the ride took more than five hours and it was really uncomfortable. The bus was as loud as an old truck and the driver turned on the volume of his Hi-fi system to the maximum level. When we arrived in Varadero we had to search for a place to sleep first, it was not easy to find one because it was high season and also weekend and also overprized. We had also no luck with the weather, it was stormy and cloudy, the waves were high and strong, not really healthy to swim and spend the day on the beach. Varadero is in an appr.20km long peninsula with white beaches on both sides. Actually we wanted to spend a couple of days here but the weather is not going to change soon and therefore we decided to go back to Havana. We decided to go back to Havana and spent the rest of our time there before we continue our journey to the Bahamas. In Varadero I didn´t really took a pictures, the weather was too bad and I didn´t find any nice motives, only the beaches are nice. In Cuba I stayed for totally 11 days and Mery 19 days, actually too short for this country, there is much more to explore here.


We had a good and nice experience here in Cuba, the people were nice and friendly to us and it´s definitely worth to come back again.


Now our journey will continue to the Bahamas, we will keep you updated.