Picturesque landscapes

From Havana we drove with a collective taxi to the West, to put it more precisely to Vinales. This place is famous for its beautiful hill landscapes. We stayed there for two nights and stayed as well in a “Casa Particulares” at a young family’s house with two little kids. The House lady Mariela was really nice and warm to us, her husband is a taxi driver and we booked with him a short sightseeing trip around Vinales. We drove to Cueva del Indio, a cave where you first walk through the cave and inside you take a small boat to get out of the cave. Afterwards we went to a place called Palenque de los Cimarrones, also a cave where in the past the escaped slaves hide themselves from the landlords and lived here. We also drove to Mural de la Prehistorica, a place where in the 80s they painted a hill wall in different colours. The last visit we made with the taxi was to a hotel called Los Jazmines, this place has a nice lookout from where you have a nice panoramic view of the Vinales hill landscapes. We also made a five hours horseback riding through the valleys of Vinales. We had some stops during our horseback riding trip to visit another cave, a tobacco plantation and a coffee plantation, it was a lovely daytrip.


At night in the small city of Vinales there were some musicians playing live music at the restaurants and the atmosphere was very chilling, once the Cuban people play their music, they are really in a very good mood. There were other musician walking around and spontaneously just joining other musicians to play together and dancing, it was really impressive to see how talented they are, they really have the rhythm in their blood. We haven´t seen a lot of countries where the people are so relax and good feeling.