For Nature Lovers

The main reason to visit Ecuador was mainly to visit the Galapagos Islands. If you want to see as much as possible within a short time, it is highly recommended to make a cruise which goes to the different islands. The cruises are not cheap but it´s the most effective way to see as much as possible of the Galapagos Islands. You can book cruises for 4 days, 8 days, 15 days, etc., meals included. There are plenty of cruise operators, the selection is huge, not easy to choose the right one. At the end I decided to make an eight days cruise in a catamaran. Mery decided after a long consideration not to join the cruise. Unfortunately she gets sea sick quite quickly and already made bad experiences on boats during our diving trips. Eight days on a small cruise boat would be too much for her and after some online researches it can be quit shaking on the boat at the Galapagos. With a heavy heart she decided not to come and instead stayed a couple of days longer in Quito and fly earlier to Havana in Cuba where we are going to meet again on the 28th of February.


For the Galapagos cruise I booked a last minute tour online with a catamaran which has a passenger capacity of 16 people. From Quito I flew to the island Baltra with a short stopover in Guayaquil. When I arrived in Baltra I was picked up by the tour guide and we went directly to the city Puerto Ayora at the island Santa Cruz where the boat was already waiting. When I arrived in Puerto Ayora there were already the other 15 passengers waiting, we went straight away to the harbour and to the boat. The catamaran is named after the last giant Galapagos tortoise of the subspecies Pinta island tortoise. In 2012 Lonesome George (that’s how he was named and he was around 100 years old) died and with him the last of this subspecies.


The catamaran was in a quite good condition, the cabins were clean, the catering well, the crew members friendly and helpful. The technics of the boat were already out of date but we didn´t have any big problems on board. The route of the Lonesome George catamaran starting from the island Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora was as follows:


Santa Fe Island – Floreana Island – San Cristobal Island – Lobos Island – Baltra Island – Mosquera Island – Bartolome Island – Santiago Island – Sombrero Chino Island – Rabida Island – Pinzon Island – Santa Cruz Island


Our daily program usually consists of two to three snorkelling activities and short walking on the different islands to get to know about the different Flora and Fauna. We saw so many different animals during our trips, both under the water and above the water. Under “Dennis animal corner” you can see about the different animals we saw. The landscape of the different islands are diverse, some are green, covered by plants, and some look like as you were on Mars, really fascinating.


The atmosphere on board was really good, there were wonderful people on board, young and old from all over the world. We all get along to each other from the beginning of the trip and get into conversations quickly.


The eight days cruise went over quite fast but I really enjoyed this trip and had some unforgettable memories here. Galapagos is definitely a very unique place on our planet.