Surrounded by mountains

Our next destination of our world travel is the country Ecuador. From Cusco there were no direct flight to Quito, we had to make a stopover in Lima. The flights were good, we had no complications. When we arrived in Quito we took a taxi to get to our hostel, the airport is quite far away from the city centre and the taxi ride took almost one hour. The city of Quito lies around 2700 m above the sea level and is surrounded by mountains.


We were very surprised how western oriented the city is, new streets and buildings, almost everywhere was clean, well-structured and well-regulated, it´s not everywhere like this place in South America. Also the currency of this country surprised us, the US$ is the official currency of Ecuador.


In Quito we didn´t had that much activities, the weather was not really good, it was raining most of the time and fresh as well. We used the Hop-on bus to visit some sights of the city. The old town is really nice, there are some beautiful historical buildings around. We also had to make some planning and organisation stuff for our further trip. Quito in general is a nice city but somehow we didn´t had the “wow” effect here. Well, have a look at the pictures and evaluate it yourself.


Culinary we went to a very nice Ecuadorian restaurant, there we tasted some local dishes and they were really good. Here I tasted for the first time deep fried Cuy, a local Guinea pig….well, not bad but somehow quite sticky.


Mery and I will have different routes for about 10 days. But later more about our trips in the next blog ;-)