A village at the Amazon basin

Libertad is a small village community with around 250 inhabitant. It´s south from Iquitos and is at the Ucayali River, one of the Amazon headstream. From Iquitos we drove by car to Nauta, it took us about 1:45 hrs. From Nauta we drove by boat for another 1 hr to finally get to the village of Libertad. The community of Libertad own a jungle lodge at the village and all the money goes to the community. Mery found this place on the internet and that’s why be booked our Amazon trip for 5 days here at this place.


The lodge is simple made, we had our private wooden room with a simple bathroom and a mosquito net over the bed. Electricity was only available for 3 hrs. per day through a generator. The people here are nice, we were well supplied, breakfast, lunch and dinner was including in our package as well as all the day trips. Every day we could booked like 2 or 3 trips into the jungle or along the different rivers here at the Amazon basin. We had activities like jungle trekking, fishing, looking for different species of monkeys, looking to sloths, visiting the village, dolphins watching, etc. Just when we arrived at the village, they provided us with some rubber boots, currently it´s raining season and almost all land sites are under water yet.


During our second day I got some trouble with my stomach, I was absolutely down for one and a half day. Luckily everything was over after one and half day, Mery luckily didn´t had any trouble with that.


Here at the Amazon basin and especially during the rainy season there are plenty of mosquitos, we never saw so many mosquitos before, they were like a swarm, especially during our trekking inside the jungle, it was really extreme. Only long clothes and a mosquito net over our faces did help. Mosquito repellent only works for max.1 h. after that our sweat washed it out. We also had to watched out for red fire ants, Mery got bitten once, it was burning and after that became itchy, it lasted for a couple of days, she had a red spot on her hand.


We saw here around five different species of monkeys, two different species of dolphins, two sloths, crocodiles, plenty of spiders and insects, also some big Tarantula, four different species of snakes, fished some catfishes, saw different types of birds, etc. Unfortunately we couldn´t catch some piranhas, but other guests had more luck and so we had some piranhas during dinner. At one place of the forest there were two woolly which were released by the police. They confiscated them from some smugglers and put them into a national park area. These two woolly monkeys trusting humans very much and used to climbed into the boats. They like to play with humans as well, it was funny for a short time to get so close to them.


We enjoyed our 5 days stay here in the Amazon basin, it´s definitely a special place, but we were also happy to get back to the civilisation again. We stayed another night in Iquitos before our next morning flight went to Cusco. We will keep you up to date as usual.