Perus Metropolitan

It´s been a while when we updated our homepage the last time, we didn´t really had good internet connection here in Peru, it´s not easy to upload all the pictures…but here now our experiences:


Our journey from the Pantanal to Lima was a bit laborious, there were no direct flight and so we decided to take the route Cuiaba – Sao Paulo – Lima. We started our flight from Cuiaba at around 8 pm and arrived in Sao Paulo at 12pm. Our connection flight was at 7am and therefore we took a hotel room for a couple of hours, it was good to have at least a bit of sleep. When we were at the check-in counter for our flight to Lima, we had some trouble. The lady at the counter wanted to see our outbound flight ticket out of Peru, but unluckily we haven´t made any bookings yet to get out of Peru…well, without long discussions we decided to book the flight ticket online. Luckily we were early enough there and had time to do the booking. At the end everything was, the flight to Lima had a delay of 2hrs.but we arrived save after a 5hrs flight.


At the airport in Lima we took a taxi to get to our hotel. We stayed at the area called Miraflores, a nice place where you can find plenty of hotels. This area is also relatively safe, we walked quite a lot here. They have a nice shopping mall which is called Larcomar, it´s directly located at the cliff of the coast where you can see directly to the Pacific Ocean. In Lima we booked two city tours, it seems to be the safer solution for us because certain area you have to be careful. The morning tour brought us to the southern district Barranco, a place of the prosperous people Lima’s, amongst others some Peru artists live here. With the tour we passed an old Inka ruin and visited the central old town. At the city centre we visited the Plaza San Martin and Plaza Mayor as well as the church San Francisco and its catacombs (around 25000 skeletons are here). The Plaza Mayor were built by the Spanish conqueror and dated back to 1550. Here were the most important buildings of the Spanish conqueror, nowadays there is also the president’s palace. In the evening we also made a city tour, we visited the Reserve Park where apparently they have the highest fountain which is listed in the Guinness book or records. The park was quit crowded, you can see here some other fountains and there was a 15 minutes light and laser show which was really nice. The projection of the beamer and the laser was on a wall of fog and water.


The people here are quite nice and friendly, Mery could practise her Spanish by having small talks with them. The city is pretty huge, one third of Peru’s population live here. The traffic is a huge mess here, there is no metro in this city, so people use busses and taxis. Most of the car drivers are quite offensive, just little consideration towards other participants and pedestrians. We liked the colourful small houses, they give you a cheerful impression and look really nice.


Culinary Lima has a lot to offer, there are plenty of variants in the dishes and the flavouring are different, some has also an Asian touch. We went several times to small restaurants, they usually offer a menu which includes a starter, a house made juice, the main dish and a desert. The cost is very low but the quality is really excellent.


Very soon we will upload pictures and our blog for the next destination Amazon, we´ve been there for almost one week, please be patience…