Sao Paulo

South America economic metropolis

We took a bus for our journey from Rio to Sao Paulo. It was a pleasant ride, the bus was is a good condition and the seats were very comfortable. The whole trip took about six hours, the view from the bus was not really spectacular but at least we saw some of the country’s landscape. We arrived in Sao Paulo at the Tiete bus terminal, the second largest in the world. For us it was the biggest Bus station we ever saw.


Sao Paulo is the largest economic metropolis of South America, a lot of big multinational companies have their location and factories here. With the bus we could see some of those companies outside the city. In total we were here only for two nights and we didn´t really do something special. This city has plenty of multi-storey buildings, really a big city. We were walking in the city central and visited the market hall Mercado Municipal Paulistano, the building was established in 1933 and looks really beautiful. Inside the market hall you can find some lovely market stall selling exotic fruits, meat, fish, wine, cheese, etc. We also walked to the Praca de Republica and around the area Liberdade. The area around Liberdade is the Asia town of this city. The majority are the Japanese people who once settled here to Brazil. Sao Paulo is the biggest Japanese colony in the world outside of Japan. Of course we couldn´t missed out on having a great Japanese meal. We also went to buy some equipment’s for our next journey to the Pantanal and Amazonas region, especially clothes against mosquito bites and rubber boots because currently it’s raining season here.


Our next destination from Sao Paulo will be the Pantanal region. We have to fly from Sao Paulo to Cuiaba and then take a car to the Pantanal area. We hope to see a lot of wild animals over there.