Foz Do Iguacu

Itaipu hydroelectric power station and scenic view of the Iguazu waterfall

From the Argentinian side we drove with a private taxi to the Brazilian side of Iguazu. We had to let our passports stamped at the Argentinian border and again on the Brazilian immigration. The whole procedure took us about 45 minutes without any trouble.


After we checked in at the hotel we took a taxi to go to the Itaipu hydroelectric power station. As we were running out of time we only took the panoramic scenic tour and didn´t visited the inside of the power station, the whole tour took about 2 hrs. Here inside the factory premises you have to join a tour guide, it´s not allowed to walk on your own at the facility area. The Itaipu hydroelectric power station lies between the countries Brazil and Paraguay and is the second largest in the world with a power output of 14 GW, which really is a lot. More than 90% of Paraguay’s current demand comes from this power station. The whole plant area is huge, the construction time took some decades and plenty of jungle area was flooded to pond the water. From the technical point of view this power plant is a masterpiece, from the ecological point of view controversial; On the one hand it delivers clean energy on the other hand native people had to be resettled and a huge jungle area was destroyed. When we did the bus tour we were geologically at the side of Paraguay, but politically we didn´t have to let our passport be stamped ;-)


We also visited the Las Cataratas del Iguazu waterfall on the Brazilian side. This park area is also very big, you can spend a lot of your time here. From the Brazilian side you have a better panoramic view of the waterfall. It´s worth to see the natural spectacle from both sides, you can´t get enough of the beauty of this place.


Well, for us it was a great time here at Iguazu, we already have to continue our journey, this time we are going to Rio de Janeiro. We will as usual keep you updated from Copacabana.