Puerto Iguazu

What a spectacle of nature

Our following destination of our trip was the Iguazu waterfall. This place is at a triangle border between the countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At the triangle border there are the cities Ciudad Del Este on the Paraguay side, Foz do Iguazu on the Brazilian side and Puerto Iguacu on the Argentinian side. From Buenos Aires we flew to Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinian side. We had a bit of bad luck on our departing day from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu. The staff of the LATAM airline went on strike and we of course booked our flight with them. It was a big chaos at the airport, nobody could told us if our flight would be operated or cancelled. After waiting for more than 2 hours we got the information that our flight would be operated and we could did the check in procedure. Finally we arrived in Puerto Iguazu late afternoon instead of midday, we lost already half a day of our Iguazu stay. Well, somehow we were also happy that we arrived in Puerto Iguazu at the same day and not on the following day. Some flights were cancelled and the people had to stay another day in Buenos Aires.


We stayed in Puerto Iguazu for four days and visited the Cataratas Del Iguazu waterfall on the Argentinian side twice. You can visit the Iguazu waterfall at two country sides, on the Argentinian side and on the Brazilian side. The area is quite big and if you do the boat trip to the waterfall, the rubber dinghy on the upper river and all the walking trails, you can spend more than one day there. We had also bad luck on the first day of our visit, it started to rain in the afternoon, not really ideal to take some nice pictures. Therefore we decided to visit the park for the second time, you also get a discount of 50% on the entrance fee when you visit the park on the second day. The outlook was really gigantic, so much water meandering through the landscape and flowing into the valley. It´s not easy to put the scenery into words, please just have a look at the pictures, they say more than a thousand words. I think after you have seen this waterfall, most other falls look like a complete fool…


We also visited the border outlook from where you can see the countries Brazil and Paraguay. Here the countries Argentina and Brazil are separated by the river Rio Iguacu. This river flows into the Rio Parana which form the border between Paraguay and Brazil and between Paraguay and Argentina. We actually wanted to visit Paraguay for a day trip, but unfortunately we didn´t have enough time to do it, the queue at the border was also very long.


Culinary we think Argentina has not that much of diversity to offer and it seems that they do not use a lot of flavour for their meals. What you can get everywhere are the nice Empanadas, deep fried turnover with different fillings, e.g. meat, chicken, vegetables, cheese & Ham, etc., they are quite delicious. Where the Argentinian are famous for is of course their meat, they can make really tasty steaks. We had a few times great steaks and they are relatively cheap.


For us our Argentina trip already ends here, we will continue our journey to Brazil, we will cross the border here at Iguazu and visit the waterfall from the Brazilian side and also visit the water power station Itaipu in Foz do Iguacu. We will as usual keep you up to date.