Diving, snorkelling and hiking

From Kei Kecil we had to fly out of Indonesia due to our staying permit which was almost over for Indonesia. We spent one whole day for travelling to get to Singapore from the Kei Kecil island, it was a long journey...first we flew to Ambon, then change the plane to Jakarta with a stopover in Makassar and then finally from Jakarta to Singapore…well I guess that’s one of the disadvantages when you visit a remote place in Indonesia…but for us it was worth to go.


In Singapore we stayed for two nights and didn´t really do any big activities, instead we made some researches of the next places we plan to visit, some bookings on transportations and accommodations. In the shopping mall Suntec City we met an aunty of mine from Indonesia and we spent half day there together having lunch, coffee and small talks. On the date of departure to Flores we had to wake up at 2 a.m. in the morning because our flight was at 5…well I guess that’s why the flight was so cheap… In Bali we had to change the plane to Labuhan Bajo, most of the activities in Flores start from there, e.g. diving, snorkelling or visiting the Komodo National park.


In Flores we stayed for seven days, on three of the days we made a boat trip to do island hopping. The boat trip was really enjoyable, the waves on the sea were not high so that the boat was not shaking and the boat speed was leisurely. On the boat there were in total ten people who joined the tour, one couple from Belgium, a French family with three kids who live in Zurich, Switzerland, an Englishman and of course the two of us. It was a relaxed tour, even with the three little kids, they were really lovely. On the first day of our boat trip we went from Labuhan Bajo to the island Kanawa for snorkelling and relaxing on the beach, then we went to mini wall where we did our first dive. After that we went to the island Sebayur to our camp, the organizer made a “pirate camp” for the guests to sleep. The second day we went from Sebayur to the Komodo island to do hiking in the national park to see the Komodo dragons and the flora and fauna of this island. After hiking we went with the boat to the pink beach to do snorkelling and to just relax on the beach. The last stop on the second day was Batu Bolong where we also went for snorkelling. On the last day we went from Sebayur to the manta point then again to Batu Bolong for snorkelling. The current in Batu Bolong is really strong, we didn´t do any dives there, it was too dangerous for us beginners. From Batu Bolong we went to Siaba where we did our second dive. After we did the snorkelling and diving tour, we went to the Rinca Insland where we did our last hiking tour to see the Komodo dragons. The last stop of our boat trip was in front of the Kalong Island where we saw thousands of flying foxes flying to the main Flores Island to get fruits. This spectacle of nature takes place every evening during sunset and is really impressive. Generally the area around the Komodo Island is very dry and hot during the dry season, you won´t find many trees here, not like the other places in Indonesia we know.


The underwater world of Flores is really wide and diverse, the currents are strong in many places and bring plenty of planktons to the region. If you have luck you can see whale sharks and manta rays. We only met the manta rays in one of our snorkelling trip but no luck to see the whale sharks. The sight of the manta ray is really overwhelming, so huge and so elegant swimming around.


When we get back to Labuhan Bajo we booked another boat trip, but only a one day trip to the places north of Labuhan Bajo, to the Bird Island and to Sabolan. This area is less visited by tourists, when we were there we had the whole island for ourselves, it was really nice. Also the boat trip was very relaxed, no other guests booked the tour so that we were alone on this trip with four workers who really took care of us and made this trip as comfortable as possible for us.


Well, now we hope you will enjoy the pictures we made and we will continue reporting. Our last stop in Indonesia will be the island Bali, then our 2 month stay in Indonesia will already be over. In Bali we plan to do some diving and we will meet my aunty from Germany with her husband. We are really looking forward to meet them, it will be a great time ;-)