Kei Kecil

Beach holiday

After our fantastic scuba diving holiday in Raja Ampat we continued our journey to the Kei Kecil island, it belongs to the province of the Moluccas. On the Kei Kecil island people say that there are beautiful beaches and one of them has the most softest sand beach of this world…well, from our point of view we can say that the beaches are really nice and for us we saw the fine grained sand beach ever so far ;-)


We flew with Wings Air from Sorong to Ambon, then had a short transit in Ambon and continued to Langgur at the Kei Kecil Island. Our airplane was a small turboprop machine from type ATR 72-600. The plane was in a good condition and the flight itself was quite comfortable. When we arrived at the airport we were picked up by a driver who brought us to a village at the West coast. From there someone from the resort picked us up by a small boat and brought us to the small island Haeu where our resort was. On the island Haeu there is only the resort where we stayed for 5 nights. Actually this island is quite nice, it has 2 beaches, forest, mangrove forests, coconut trees and a sand bank where birds are having a rest. The only negative point we saw is the plastic trash on the beaches and the forest, unfortunately you will find plastic trashes almost everywhere here in Indonesia. Depending on the weather, we made some day trips to the main island Kei Kecil. Touristy this place is at the very beginning stadium. There are not really a lot of resorts, hotels or cottages and the quality is far away from the “western” standard we used to know.


We made several day trips, amongst others to the sand bank in Ngurtafur where you can see some Pelican birds. We also went to the beach Pasir Panjang, a 2,5km long beach with very smooth sands, for us the softest sand we ever saw. We you walk through the beach, you sometimes can sunk around 20cm, the sand is really like flour. We also went to the cave Goa Howang where you can swim in the crystal clear water, very refreshing. From the Bukit Masbait hill you can have a nice overview of the Kei Kecil Island with some other small islands around, it´s a nice place to take some pictures. With the boat we went to the island Pulau Bair, this place are full of small rocks where you can drive through by boat like in a labyrinth with beautiful plants and a nice underwater world as there are almost no waves from the sea. We also made a picnic at the South West coast of the Kei Kecil Island, the beach is called Pantai Matwaer, a 3km long white beach where we had the beach for ourselves and nobody else was there. For me it was a good chance to go jogging, it was really beautiful and we enjoyed that day.


Well, now have fun with the pictures.