Raja Ampat

Underwater paradise

After we met our family members and friends, we continued our journey, this time to a very faraway place to Papua on the east side of Indonesia. From Yogyakarta we flew to Makassar, a city which is on the Sulawesi Island and we had to stay there for one night because our connection flight to Sorong is on the following day. The flight was scheduled at 5:30 am and we had to wake up very early in the morning… The plane was a small jet engine, a Bombardier CRJ1000, really a nice airplane. Before we landed in Sorong we could see from the airplane the beautiful blue see with nice little islands below us. After we arrived in Sorong we had to take the ferry to the Waisai Island. When we arrived there we were welcomed by some staff of our resort and they brought us with a speed boat to our stay which is about 15 minutes away.


Here in Raja Ampat we did 10 dives, snorkelling and enjoyed the time just doing nothing, only relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the nature of this place. The resort itself is really comfortable and familiar. The staff members are all really nice and friendly and we get very soon into contact with the other guests. There were around 10-14 guests here during our stay and most of them were from Germany, it was nice for us to speak German with other people after being away from home for more than 4 month now. We stayed at the resort in Waisai for 10 days, the resort has its own beach and a beautiful underwater world. At the house reef you can see so many variants of animals when you do snorkelling. In general the underwater world of Raja Ampat is very extensive and diverse. During our diving and snorkelling trip we saw reef sharks, turtles, pygmy seahorses, huge shoal of fish, dolphins, morays, stingrays, pipefishes, globefishes, boxfishes, etc. You can find soft and hard corals in almost all colours and shapes. For us it was an amazing experience, we really enjoyed the diving and snorkelling trip here. We also went to Pyanemo (small little islands), to the bat island, sand hill islands and I made an early morning bird watching tour to see the paradise birds of Papua.


Unfortunately we do not have a good underwater camera, most of the pictures are not as good as I expected. But luckily Martin, our dive master, and Remi, a guest from the Netherland, provided me the pictures for our homepage. I am really thankful for that.


Well, now I hope you will enjoy the pictures which we made. For us we have to continue our journey to the Molucca Islands, we plan to visit the Kei Kecil island. People say that the sandy white beaches there are the softest one. It was hard to leave Raja Ampat, we had some wonderful relaxed days here and it is definitely a lovely place to stay.