...stopover at my cousin´s place...

From Jakarta I took the train to Bandung, the trip took round about 3 hours and was quite relaxed. In Bandung I visited my cousin, the last time I saw her was more than 12 years ago. Meanwhile a lot of things has been changed, she moved already two times and has now four children, she holds the record of our grandmother’s 26 grandchildren with the most kids, respect :-)


In Bandung I stayed only for 2 nights and most of the time I spent it with my cousin and her family. It was only a short visit but it was a very nice one. We really enjoyed the time and talked a lot about our childhood and our family.


Our visa for Indonesia is only limited for 30 days and will end soon. To extend the visa it takes round about 1 week processing time and because we are not staying longer than 5 days at the same place, we decided to leave the country for a short while and come back again. We decided to fly to Singapore because the ticket price is affordable and the distance is not too far. Mery didn´t join me to Bandung because it was too stressful for her. She will stay in Singapore for 3 nights and I will only be there for 1 night. From Singapore we will fly together back to Indonesia, this time to Yogyakarta to visit an old school friend and to see the Borobudur temple.