Family, friends and traffic chaos

After our stay in Medan we flew to Jakarta. Indonesia’s capital has more than 10 million people in the city and around 30 million in the metropolitan region (but nobody really know the exact number). We stayed here for 5 nights and rent a room in a hotel at a shopping mall. Strategic quite good located we met our friends and family. During our stay at the shopping mall we jumped from one appointment to the next and tested so many nice restaurants and the food court. Time was always not enough but it was very nice to see our friends and family. Sometimes we also went out of the shopping mall but the traffic here is really bad. Public transportation like an underground or tram does not exists here, the streets are overcrowded and sometimes it takes you for a 20km distance more than 2 hours driving. In Jakarta you spend a lot of time for transportation, not really comfortable to travel within Jakarta. For us the 5 nights was actually enough, we of course enjoyed to meet our family and friends but we are also happy to continue our journey. The next stop will be Bandung, there I plan to meet my cousin and after that we will see some cultural heritage of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. We will keep you updated.