Bukit Lawang

Pure nature

Bukit Lawang was famous for the reintroduction programme for Orang Utans. In the past they trained Orang Utans who were captured by humans to live in their natural habitat. The area where they stay is called Gunung Leuser National Park. From Medan it takes more than 3 hours to get there, the roads are really in a bad condition, but luckily they are working on it. Bukit Lawang is not overcrowded by tourists, a really relaxed place for backpackers and nature lovers. In Bukit Lawang you can see round about 6 different species of apes if you have luck.


Round about 5 years ago I visited this place with 2 German friends for a jungle trekking for 2 days. I really enjoyed that trekking tour so that this time I planned a tour for 5 days into the jungle. Mery was also very interested and booked a 3 days tour. The first 2 days we walked together with a local guide though the jungle. On the third day our route were separated, Mery went back with the guide and I continued with our cookers. For us there were 3 local people who took care of us, 1 guide and 2 cookers. We really enjoyed the tour and I tried to make as much pictures about animals as I could…but really not so easy… On the way back from the jungle camp to the village you can do white water rafting on the big river with a truck wheel, it´s really funny.