Chiang Mai

Family reunion

From Phitsanulok I continued my journey with the public bus to Chiang Mai, it took more than 6 hours to finally get there. Mery stayed another night in Phitsanulok and had dinner together with Nudeng and her husband, they went to a seafood restaurant and after that they enjoyed to eat Durians. The following day Mery flied back to Bangkok, there she wanted to enjoy the Thai food and the Thai wellness.


In Chiang Mai I didn´t do that much, here and there I walked through the old city and visited some temples, and of course I met my cousin and her family. The hostel where I stayed was nice to get in touch with other guests, I had some nice conversations and once some of us went to have a dinner together, an American guy, an Austrian guy, a German guy and an English girl. One day I booked a mountain bike tour through the jungle, it was really a big fun. The track has Cross Country, Downhill and Single Tracks disciplines, it went from 1500m above the sea level up and down and ends at a lake which lies at 400m above the sea level. Currently it´s raining season in Thailand, therefore the clay ground was really slippery, so I fell down once, but I think it´s part of doing mountain biking ;-)


In Chiang Mai there are many tourists, very popular to the Dutch, French and Chinese people. This place is also very popular to Elephant lovers. In the past people used to ride the Elephants, but nowadays it´s all about having a bath with them, feed them and to look after them. Riding is nowadays somehow morally uncool. Well, I didn´t visit the Elephant park, but instead I went jogging along the old city wall and smelled the vehicles exhaust…


Meanwhile in our tour we already have travelling routine. We use to wash our clothes at least once a week, here and there mucking out our stuff, cleaning our bags and brushing our shoes, and so on and so on…we never get bored.


Instead to drive to Pai to my cousin, she with her son and husband went to Chiang Mai, they made a city holiday and had to do some paper stuff and some shopping. A few days before I arrived in Chiang Mai there was some heavy rains in Pai, so some area get flooded. My cousin said it would be better not to come as the people are busy in doing the cleaning and getting everything back to a normal life again. The government was quick in helping the people there, the military provided within a short time fresh water and electricity to the people who were affected.


When my cousin and her family arrived in Chiang Mai, we spent most of our times together, having lunch, coffee and fresh juice drinks. It was a very lovely meeting, we had so many things to talk about, our childhood, our families and of course about topics what life generally offers us. Originally she grew up in Indonesia until the age of 9, then she and her family moved to Singapore. I admire her way of life and her courage to move out of Singapore and went to Thailand. I wish her all the best for her future in Pai, I am pretty sure she will manage it will. We are looking forward to meet again, maybe one day in Germany or Switzerland.


So, now it´s time for me to travel to Singapore. I am looking forward to get together with Mery again and also to meet more of my family members and friends of us.