Hong Kong

Among the Cantonese

From Puning I continued my journey to Shenzhen, from there I took the subway to the station Luohu, there you can cross the border from China to Hong Kong. I met Mery at the Mini hotel where we stayed, the rooms are really mini, but at least they are affordable and clean.


Hong Kong is compared to the other big cities in China totally different, it is of course very crowded but it´s clean, well-organized and the people are more disciplined. You really feel the influenced from the West.


In Hong Kong we visited Mery’s uncle and aunt, he is the older brother of her father, they haven´t met for more than 20 years. Meanwhile he is 79 years old but really in a very good condition. It was a nice family gathering, they were so happy to see us and we spent almost the whole day with them together. We had brunch in the morning and in the afternoon our lunch. In between we went to their apartment and saw old pictures of his and Mery’s family.


The next day I went jogging to the botanical garden but it was really exhausting because the area is really hilly…and then the high temperature and the humidity…puuuhhhh…but the garden is really nice, you can also see different species of monkeys and birds, it´s also free of charge.


We also went to the Victoria´s Peak, from there you have a nice overview of the city, islands, ships and the see. This time we had luck with the weather, it was a shiny bright day. In the evening I also went to Kowloon, the opposite site of the Hong Kong centre island. From there you can have a nice view of the city from the sea view. I went to the building Sky100 and you have a 360° panoramic view of the surroundings. The view in the evening is really magnificent.


We also had a ride with the longest escalator of the world, it consists of many small escalators and leads from the city at the bottom of the hill to the middle of the hill. You pass through restaurants and bars, it was really nice to see the city from that perspective. Also a nice experience is to take the old double-decker tram, very old school but really cool.


From the cultural point of view we went to the temple of the 10000 Buddha. It is located on the mainland of Hong Kong on a hill and has actually over 13000 small Buddha statues. Each figures differ in detailed to the others, different gestures or postures. In the main hall you can also find the mummy of the monk who established this temple in the 1930s covered in Gold inside a glass box. The temple has also a vegetarian restaurant, we had lunch there and the dishes were really nice. In most of the temples it is forbidden to take pictures of the Buddha figures, therefore my picture gallery does not have so many of the hall pictures or the Buddha figures.


Culinary Hong Kong is famous for the chicken rice, duck rice, pork rice in different variants. They are all very delicious and you can find the restaurants almost everywhere in Hong Kong.


What you should also see in Hong Kong if you are there on a Sunday is the picnic of the nannies from the Philippines in the city centre. The nannies have free on a Sunday and they all meet at the downtown in the parks, bridges, bus stations, and some streets are extra blocked for this big event. The nannies were singing, dancing, eating and selling goods almost everywhere at the city centre. It´s really a nice event, very entertaining and interesting.


Our next station will be Bangkok, Mery is already so excited because of the lovely Thai foods. We will continue reporting you.