Arriving in Seoul

What a metropolis


The flight from Vladivostok to Seoul worked well, the airline is Aurora, never heard about it before…but the aircraft was in a good condition.


Arrived in Incheon airport in Seoul we took the bus to our hostel, it worked also quite well. The hostel warden welcomed us and gave us some nice clues where to go in Seoul. We also got a SIM card for our smartphone which includes already 1.5 GB, really practical. The location of the hostel is quite nice, the place is called Hapjoeng, a student area. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars, a very popular area to go out in the evening hours. For Mery a paradise, everywhere tasty foods as far as your eyes can see ;-)


What attract my attention right at the beginning were all the rubbish at almost every street corner behind the main roads, it´s so hard to find any public dustbin. Somehow I had a different picture in my head about a high-tech country such as South Korea…well, there are some different theories why it´s like that, at least according to statements from some local people…


The next days we spent the time by visiting some palaces and historical sights, amongst other things Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. Furthermore we visited some local markets, Mery is absolutely enthusiastic about them, so many exotic fruits, vegetables and foods to see, discover and of course to taste.


The contrast between tradition and the modern age is here very strong. Around old historic sights stands the skyscrapers side by side. Seoul itself is huge, the metro network very big and there are so many things to see and explore.


We cancelled our Korean rail pass, the “fun train” West Gold Train which we wanted to use is under construction until July. Furthermore we thought it might be too stressful to travel everyday around the country to visit different places to be worthwhile for us to buy the ticket. So we only bought a one way ticket to Busan.


In Seoul I also visited the local Oceanarium while Mery met someone from Couchsurfing. Yesterday evening we met Diana, a friend of Mery who originally came from our former hometown Pematang Siantar in Indonesia. It was a very delighted evening.  


Well, enjoy watching the new pictures ;-)