Next stop Irkutsk

...pretty far away...

From Moscow we took a night flight to Irkutsk, It tooks round about 5.5 hrs.

The plan to sleep during the flight was not easy to realised...on our left side a baby who sadly cried during the flight and on our right side a 6 years old girl who travels on her own without parents and she played the whole time with Mery. Very impressive how independent the girl already is at her age.

What we didn´t think about is the fact that the time zone of Irkutsk is the same as in Singapore...I think we now realised that we are already in Asia, but somehow it feels different. The time difference to Germany is +6 hrs. in the sommer time.

The weather in Irkutsk is cooler but still sunshine.

On the first day we walked through the city to get a general overview of this place.

Irkutsk is famous for their old nice decorated wooded houses, but unfortunately most of them are in a condition where they need to be renovated...

Please have a look into our galery for some impressions.